Pursuing low-carbon growth policy at unprecedented scale

China has pursued aggressive climate and energy policies with particular focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Still, between 2000 and 2010, China represented 68% of the increase in global energy-related CO₂ emissions.

subjectEmissions Drivers

These graphs show the changes in emissions drivers in the Power, Industry, and Buildings sectors in China


Power Fuel sources for power generation

The vast majority of increased generation came from conventional sources, primarily coal. However, the past decade saw exponential growth in low-carbon fuel sources, such as renewable energy, although this energy represented a very small portion of overall electricity production.


    Industry Sector energy intensity

    Industrial emissions intensity improved dramatically across all sectors, although from a generally high starting point.


      Buildings Energy consumption by fuel source

      Particularly in urban residences, electronics and appliances became a significant end use, more than offsetting efficiency improvements in heating. Appliance use contributed to the increase in share of electricity in energy, as did the shift away from coal use.