Pursuing low-carbon growth policy at unprecedented scale

China has pursued aggressive climate and energy policies with particular focus on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Still, between 2000 and 2010, China represented 68% of the increase in global energy-related CO₂ emissions.


These graphs show the changes in emissions and growth in the Power, Industry, and Buildings sectors in China


Power Greenhouse gas emissions and generation

Electricity generation and the associated CO₂ emissions increased significantly in the past three decades, with generation growth accelerating significantly in the tenth Five Year Plan (2001-2005). Since 2006, the growth in power demand has slowed slightly with CO₂ emissions following suit.


    Industry Energy consumption by industry

    China did not report greenhouse gas emissions from industry, but they were very closely related to energy consumption, which more than doubled since 2002.


      Buildings Building sector emissions

      Reported buildings-related emissions fell during the 1990s, possibly due to district heating improvements, but more likely due to underreporting of coal use and measurement issues. Since 2002, emissions have been rising steadily due to growing energy use in buildings.