Balancing climate policy and development

India has aggressive renewable energy targets and industry energy efficiency policies, but faces significant infrastructure challenges, which may derail otherwise good policy. India is growing rapidly and represented 8% of the increase in global energy-related CO₂ emissions between 2000 and 2010.


These graphs show the changes in policy in the Power, Industry, and Agriculture sectors in India


Agriculture Central government subsidies to agriculture

Indian agricultural policy focused on modernization of the agricultural sector through subsidies. Though greenhouse gases were not specifically targeted in this effort, modernization had a modest effect on total emissions.


    Power IREDA loan distributions

    Renewable energy growth was supported by increased loan distributions by the central government, including the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA).


      Industry National energy conservation award scheme

      Indian policy towards industrial energy efficiency effectively began in the 2000s, which saw the creation of a number of programs targeting high-visibility energy efficiency programs, the largest of which, the National Conservation Award Scheme, has seen increasing participation over the last decade.