Policy activity in the buildings sector accelerated in the 1990s in Europe, after 2000 in the U.S., and more recently in China. Despite efficiency improvements in heating, cooling, and lighting, growth in building floor space and increasing appliance and electronics use have mostly offset efficiency gains.


These graphs show the changes in Buildings emissions and growth in China, the EU, and the US


United States Building sector emissions

Emissions grew slowly, but steadily, until 2005, when emissions peaked and slowly declined.


    European Union Building emissions in the EU27

    Emissions associated with direct fuel combustion in the buildings sector fell, but were offset by a shift from direct to indirect emissions due to a rise in electricity consumption.


      China Building sector emissions

      Reported buildings-related emissions fell during the 1990s, possibly due to district heating improvements, but more likely due to underreporting of coal use and measurement issues. Since 2002, emissions have been rising steadily due to growing energy use in buildings.