Emissions fell in the more developed countries, as policies, rising energy prices, and pressure to maintain economic competitiveness combined with the gradual decline and movement offshore of more carbon intensive industries. In the developing world, meanwhile, rapid growth and industrialization overwhelmed the significant improvement in energy efficiency that was possible due to the lower starting efficiency of industries there.


These graphs show the changes in Industry emissions and growth in China, the EU, India, and the US


United States Industry emissions

Industrial emissions declined before the recession even as industrial production rose


    European Union Industrial emissions and production in the EU27

    Despite increasing output in the industrial sector, direct emissions fell, while electricity demand rose as the industrial sector shifted fuel consumption towards a less carbon intensive fuel mix.


      India Greenhouse gas emissions

      Emissions have risen, but not as rapidly as production.


        China Energy consumption by industry

        China did not report greenhouse gas emissions from industry, but they were very closely related to energy consumption, which more than doubled since 2002.