Emissions peaked in 2007 in both the U.S. and Europe before high fuel prices and then recession curbed and reversed emissions growth. This general pattern overshadowed the European automobile fleet’s more fuel efficient starting point, thanks in part to significantly higher fuel taxes in Europe than in the U.S.

subjectEmissions Drivers

These graphs show the changes in deforestation drivers in Brazil


United States Emissions intensity

Large gains in vehicle engine and transmission efficiency did not result in significant fuel efficiency gains, as cars became heavier. There was little shifting between transport modes (not shown).


    European Union Emissions intensity indices—EU27 + Norway, Switzerland, and Turkey

    Emissions intensity declined steadily. Passenger transport efficiency improved more than freight transport efficiency. However, within road transport, freight improved three times as much as passenger travel (18% versus 6%) between 1995 and 2010 (not shown).